External Scholarships

External Scholarships

A scholarship is a gift award given to students to assist with their college matriculation. Scholarships may be need-based, merit-based, or based on membership in a particular group or organization. We encourage to apply for several scholarships each semester. Some strategies for finding and obtaining scholarships are:

  • Earn a high GPA during your freshman year (especially your first semester) and maintain it throughout your college career.
  • Join the professional society in your major, they will often offer exclusive scholarships to student members.
  • Search for scholarships that are seeking candidates like you! Identify your interests and group memberships and search for scholarships based on those characteristics.
  • Demonstrate your leadership skills by becoming involved in campus.
  • Demonstrate to scholarship committees that you are a reflection of the values and purpose of their organization.
  • Have your applications proofread by the Office of Leadership Development.
  • Visit the Student Leadership Forum often and browse the available scholarships.
  • Make applying for scholarships part of your routine. Applying for at least one per week is a good start.
  • Follow scholarship opportunities even after the deadline has passed; many are offered on an annual basis so if the deadline is passed you can plan ahead to apply next year


External Scholarship List

When you click on any of the links associated with the scholarships listed below, you will leave the Paine College website.

1. UNCF (www.uncf.org)

  • For students with a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Submit general application
  • Create a profile
  • Use an email that will be permanent
  • You have the option to get text messages
  • Check the website at least once a week for scholarships
  • Update your profile at the end of each semester


2. www.gbhem.org/loans-and-scholarships

  • Check website for open and closing dates


3. www.GAcollege411.org

  • Click on Financial Aid Planning


4. www.collegeboard.com


5.  www.salliemae.com/scholarshipsearch

6. HBCU Lifestyle


7. UMHEF Scholarship


8. Campervan Finder


9. North American Van Lines


10. Childmode's Scholarship


11. AICA's Scholarships


12. The Call to Serve Scholarship






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